Glassbeam Analytics Solutions

Derive actionable insights from your machine log data

Glassbeam Big Data Platform and applications helps your support teams troubleshoot faster, allows your engineering teams to build better products and provides up-sell visibility for sales teams to increase revenues

Semiotic Parsing Language (SPL)

SPL is a single-step solution to transform machine logs of any format and device into a machine data analytics app. Combining Glassbeam Studio and SPL, you can expect a 100x time-to- value compared to in-house data transformation projects.

SCALAR – Platform for Machine data Analytics

Glassbeam’s SCALAR is a highly scalable, parallel, asynchronous, machine data analytics platform that converts any log format into actionable information.

Rules Engine – Event Processor for machine data

Glassbeam’s Rules Engine a highly scalable, In-line Event processor, which allows users to create complex rules on their incoming streams or batched data.

Machine Learning – Train and develop prescriptive models on machine data with ease

Glassbeam provides a set of inbuilt Apps and machine learning tool set through its integration with Apache Spark.



● IPerform powerful searches using keywords and Boolean parameters
● Explore machine data in both time series and multi-structured formats
● Correlate data from multiple sources

Log Vault

● Centralized store for historical log data stored in original format
● Quick filters to search for a log of interest
● Deep Integration with other Glassbeam Apps

Rules and Alerts

● Real-time rules evaluation – in the path of parsing
● Modern architecture that enables rules to be set up from data across multiple sources
● Powerful backend that allows for complex rules to be configured


● Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for quick and easy ad hoc, visual analysis
● Run new calculations on existing data and make one-click forecasts
● Create pixel perfect interactive dashboards


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