MyLab™ Twice: Two Ways To Be Unique

Premium Performance And Point-of-Care Ultrasound

The unique "Twice Ultrasound Vision" represents a "paradigm shift" in the hospital organization, combining two systems in one: top performance and exclusive solutions able to change the daily clinical outcome where Efficiency and Productivity are of paramount importance.

The new MyLab™Twice with eHD Technology is focused on real diagnostic value and the "arm-held" MyLab™One is based on the outstanding concept of combining Premium Performance and Point-of-care Ultrasound for more efficient hospital organizations, easy and fast diagnosis and integrated patient management.

MyLab™ Twice: Exclusive Premium Performance

● Efficiency And Productivity
● Integrated Patient Management
● Improved Workflow

The unique MyLab™Twice concept allows physicians to seamlessly integrate results from point-of-care exam with imaging from the standard workflow. The MyLab™One point-of-care unit moves to wherever it is needed, for faster diagnosis and improved patient care. The integration of all clinical information provides improved workflow, for better and safer diagnostic services.


Advanced Technologies For Every Clinical Need

The unique "Twice Ultrasound Vision" with eHD Technology offers the latest innovations for diagnostic confidence and optimized workflow, combining top performance and exclusive solutions to change daily clinical outcomes.

Imaging Processing Esaote offers many technologies for imaging enhancement. With TEI™, the harmonic signal is fully preserved without degradation of the acoustic information. MView and XView improve the quality of ultrasound images by reducing the presence of artifacts, shadowing and speckle.

Raw data post-processing: allows post-processing of images and video clips previously acquired and saved into the archive. This feature is very helpful in the clinical workflow and provides physicians with image optimization in the off-line stage.

XFlow - Extraordinary flow sensitivity and spatial resolution: XFlow provides direct visualization of blood echoes, extending wideband resolution, high frame rates and wide dynamic range of blood flow.

CnTI™ - Contrast Tuned Imaging: Esaote’s proprietary CnTI™ (Contrast Tuned Imaging) provides high performance contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging with secondgeneration contrast media.

ElaXto - Further step towards tissue characterization: Non-invasive method to support the physician in assessing tissue elasticity.

X4D X3D: Esaote’s volumetric technology takes full advantage of the touch panel to optimize workflow and ease of use, and represents a breakthrough in technology.

Virtual Biopsy - Advanced Biopsy also in very difficult approaches: Virtual Biopsy allows physicians to follow percutaneous procedures by superimposing needle tracking information on the real-time ultrasound image.

Virtual Navigator advanced tool for Fusion Imaging (US & CT/MR/PET-CT): Virtual Navigator, with fusion imaging applied to US enhances the information produced by an Ultrasound Scanner by combining images with a second modality (CT, MR, PET or 3D US) in real-time: yielding all the benefits of different modalities in the same exam.

XStrain4D: XStrain™ is a non-invasive tool to better investigate myocardial function and explore and quantify aspects of the heart’s physiology which were not possible to detect and quantify with previous ultrasound technologies.

RFQIMT - RFQAS - Innovation and Accuracy in Vascular Imaging: The measurements, based on beyond state of the art RF-data technology, are real-time, accurate and provide measurement quality indicators overlaid on the B-mode ultrasound image.

eHD Technology: A New Era In Ultrasound

● Enhanced Diagnostic Value
● Maximizing Signal Information
● Low Power Consumption
● More Efficient Healthcare

eHD is Esaote's technology to innovate ultrasound imaging and improve systems’ use. It represents our attention to diagnostic value, by optimizing all aspects of the chain a signal has to travel through, starting from the echo generated by the patient’s body up to the arrival on the system’s monitor. It maximizes the efficiency of ultrasound scanning, leaving the sonographer free to concentrate on the patient. eHD: the quality that improves your diagnostic confidence.


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