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Navigate New Directions in Performance.

As surely as a compass points North, the CARESTREAM DRX-Compass X-ray System points the way to a successful imaging future. It has just the right selection of advanced capabilities to take your workflow to a new level of efficiency – meeting your most pressing needs in the present, and providing a clear expansion pathway for the future.

● Exceptional image quality supports accurate diagnoses
● Scalable and upgradable to help eliminate technology obsolescence
● Wide selection of components lets you configure the ideal system for your needs


Based on the voice of our customers from around the world, the DRX-Compass is designed with precisely the capabilities you need.

Image Quality
● Provides the pristine images only full digital design can provide

● Color-coded buttons on the tube head handle match colors on the overhead rails so technologists know instantly which button controls which movement
● Optional Auto-Centering maximize ease-of-use and speeds workflow
● Optional Wall stand angulates -20/90 degrees, for easy patient positioning during cross-table exams

● Scalable and upgradeable technology to help eliminate obsolescence
● Configure the system to meet your facility’s needs and exam types

Additional Features
● ImageView Software offers upgraded cybersecurity.
● A full set of features at a practical price supports optimized ROI.Return on Investment
● Auto LLI facilitates easy acquisition of long-length imaging. ● Image Preview display on the tube head allows technologists to remain with patient during exam.
● SmartGrid Image Processing supports pristine image quality at a lower dose without the use of a traditional grid

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