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An X-Ray Suite with Flexible DR Workflow

Take full advantage of digital radiography workflow in an x-ray room that is optimized for use with FDR D-EVO detectors. FDR D-EVO Suite II offers just the right balance of automated and manual movements for the grab-and-go speed and dependability needed for even the most demanding environments.

Helping the technologist take control

FDR D-EVO Suite II is designed to put the technologist in full control of the system while staying close to the patient on the table or at the chest stand. The lightweight, ceiling mounted x-ray tube allows lighter and smoother positioning. The tube head features new automation and display features, including a convenient touchscreen for system adjustments traditionally found at the generator console. The system's workflow and auto tube tracking enhancements also provide benefits in areas where speed during the exam is critical.

Any of Fujifilm’s FDR D-EVO digital detectors, including the 17x17” detector can be used interchangeably with the FDR D-EVO Suite II. New FDR D-EVO II detectors are even more lightweight and more rugged. Multiple sizes allow technologists to mix, match and share sizes and capture types throughout the radiology department, including other rooms and portables.

ISS and Dynamic Visualization™

The FDR D-EVO Suite II uses two of Fujifilm's innovations: Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) and Dynamic Visualization.

Fujifilm's patented Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology increases sharpness and DQE by reducing light scatter and blur. Fujifilm positions its thin-film transistors (TFT) at the top of the capture layer, reading image data where it is sharpest and strongest, resulting in exceptional detail and image quality, even at lower doses.

Fujifilm's Dynamic Visualization image processing automatically recognizes the region of interest and applies the optimum image processing parameters throughout the entire exposure field, dynamically extending contrast visibility, and improving window and leveling for exceptional images with high diagnostic detail. Additional advanced functions include:

● Multi-Frequency Processing (MFP): Applies edge enhancement and gray scale processing to multiple frequencies, improving visibility for varying densities and foreign structures. Useful in viewing spine, skull and orthopedic hardware images

● Flexible Noise Control (FNC): Selectively suppresses noise without loss of sharpness. Useful for pediatrics, lumbar spine and abdomen views ● Grid Pattern Removal (GPR): Intelligently removes moiré patterns caused by grids

● Fujifilm DR to Fujifilm Synapse PACS viewing shortcuts: Applies radiologist-specific single-click processing preferences to views, significantly simplifying workflow

● Auto-stitching is optionally available for scoliosis and long-leg images

Auto Stitching for long length imaging
Auto-stitching with manual capture positioning stands are optionally available for use with FDR D-EVO detectors for scoliosis and long-leg images. Automated seamless stitching processing at the console is combined with simplified manual capture positioning.

For a fully-automated stitching solution, consider the FDR AcSelerate auto-position x-ray room system.

FDR D-EVO Auto-stitching with manual capture
Multi-Frequency Processing (MFP): Applies edge enhancement and gray scale processing to multiple frequencies, improving visibility for varying densities and foreign structures. Useful in viewing spine, skull and orthopedic hardware images

Alignment markers on the shield/stand assist software to accurately align images Seamlessly stitches multiple images together using FDX Console software, which automatically recognizes specially-fixed markers Motion Suppression intelligently adapts image alignment to reduce effects of patient movement between exposures

Two patented stitching stand options for FDR D-EVO digital detectors
Universal Stitching Shield (rolling cart) for use with any upright chest stand Mobile Stand with Detector Holder features a stand on wheels – no need for an upright chest stand. Easy, motorized shield adjusts to patient height, and 3 manual detector detents simplify detector locations for each exposure Universal Stitching Shield For use with any upright chest stand, simply position the detector and tube to capture 2 or 3 overlapping images, aligning the detector bucky to the markers for each exposure.

Mobile Stand with Detector Holder
Includes motorized detector holder – no need for upright chest stand. Easy, motorized shield adjustment to patient height, and three manual detector position detents help technologists quickly and accurately move from one exposure position to the next, perfectly aligning the overlap for the auto stitching software

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