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Xoran xCAT IQ

Truly Portable iCT for Neurosurgeons

The newest addition to Xoran's line of CT products, the xCAT IQ, is truly mobile with zero-degree turning, thereby maneuvering easily into tight spaces. Innovation does not stop at its physical features, the xCAT IQ delivers ultra-fast scan times with low patient radiation dose.
xCAT IQ is an ultra-compact, portable CT scanner specifically designed for the neurosurgical suite and neuro ICU, providing real-time CT scans of the brain, sinuses, ears, and skull base.

The world's most compact and maneuverable iCT (intraoperative CT) designed for neurosurgeons — xCAT IQ, improving workflow and accuracy in the neurosurgical suite and ICU.


Healthy Male
Evacuated Subdural Hemorrhage
Resolving Intracerebral Bleed

Acquisition Protocols

  Frames     Exposure     Effective Radiation Dose
Bone (Full Dose) 600     20s     0.24 mSv
Brain (Full Dose) 600     45s     1.04 mSv
Brain (Medium Dose) 520     39s     0.9 mSv
Bone (Low Dose) 300     20s     0.066 mSv
Brain (Low Dose) 400     30s     0.69 mSv

Reconstruction Protocols

  Field-of-View     Resolution
Bone (Full Dose) 22 cm axial     0.3 mm voxels
Brain (Full Dose) 22 cm axial     0.4 mm voxels
Brain (Medium Dose) 22 cm axial     0.6 mm voxels
Brain (Low Dose) 22 cm axial     0.8 mm voxels
Region-of-Interest (ROI) User-defined     ≥ 70 microns


Dimensions 32 W x 47 L X 60 H in
Weight 472 lbs
Effective Bore Size 25 in diameter
Gantry 360 degrees


Line Voltage ~120V
Line Frequency 50-60 Hz
Line Current 5 A standby
Peak Current 20 A max


Focal Spot Size 0.6 mm
kVp mA Range 120 -140 kVp
mA Range 7 - 15 mA
Panel Dynamic
Pixel Pitch 194 μm
Frame Rates 10 - 30 fps

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