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Hitachi SOFIA

Automated 3D Breast Ultrasound for Whole Breast Imaging

SOFIA™ provides radiologists with state of the art whole breast tomographic data sets that can be presented in 2D, 3D, and MPR views for enhanced characterization of abnormal anatomical features. Due to the tomographic nature of acquired data sets, SOFIA™ is uniquely capable as an adjunct to mammography for dense breast patients, for identification of bilateral and multi-focal disease states, diagnosis of palpable breast masses, evaluation of breast implants, and whole breast imaging for patients where mammography is contraindicated. An entire bilateral whole breast examination can be read in less than minute per breast.

SOFIA 3D Breast Ultrasound in Seconds

The new SOFIA Automated 3D Breast Ultrasound system solves all economic and logistic challenges associated with whole-breast ultrasound by using an automated full-field radial scanning method. The resulting throughput, efficiency, and patient comfort makes SOFIA the ideal solution for dense breast imaging.

The 30-second Whole-breast Scan

SOFIA scans an entire breast in a single 30-second radial sweep, allowing SOFIA users to see more patients per day. The data for each breast is then sent to the radiology workstation as a single 3D volume where SOFIA’s powerful review tools enable shortened interpretation times.

Efficient Utilization

SOFIA does not require a dedicated room for whole-breast ultrasound. Its convertible scan table and Hitachi Healthcare scan engine allow you to use SOFIA for a wide variety of diagnostic ultrasound exams when it is not being used for whole-breast imaging. Unlike other automated breast ultrasound systems, it requires no additional consumables and no time-consuming pre-scan preparation.

Patient Comfort

SOFIA was designed to reduce patient anxiety by providing the most comfortable and private exam possible. SOFIA exams are done in the prone position, allowing the patient to rest comfortably and remain completely covered during the short scan.


Rapid Acquisition

By entirely re-imagining how breast ultrasound is performed, SOFIA is able to perform bilateral breast ultrasound scans in an exam that rivals any modality in the breast imaging suite in terms of speed and comfort. The key is SOFIA’s unique scanning cone, which is recessed into its comfortable scan bed and houses Hitachi’s extra-long linear probe. The patient lies in the prone position placing her breast with the nipple in the center. In just a single 30-second radial sweep, a 3D volume dataset is collected of the entire breast.

● 30-second scan time per breast allows the scheduling of patients as often as every ten minutes
● Automated and reproducible
● Requires only a thin layer of ultrasound lotion—no additional disposables required
● Intuitive touch-screen interface automates the entire process


Patient Comfort

Any breast imaging is always accompanied by a level of patient anxiety; SOFIA was designed to reduce this through its comfortable and private exam experience.

● Scanning in the prone position means that patients can remain covered during the entire exam
● Because the patient’s own body weight provides enough compression, the external compression methods required in other whole-breast systems are unnecessary
● SOFIA scans require only a thin layer of acoustic coupling lotion that can be rubbed into the skin after the exam
● The elegant curves and multi-layer memory foam design of SOFIA make it both inviting and comfortable for the patient


Efficient Operation

Conventional wisdom says that implementing a whole-breast ultrasound program can be a costly and time-consuming proposition. SOFIA defies this by delivering a solution that provides the speed of automation without requiring a dedicated room. With its convertible scan table and the premium-class ARIETTA ultrasound system powering its imaging, the SOFIA room can be used for diagnostic breast scanning, biopsy or any other number of applications when not enlisted for whole-breast scanning.

● SOFIA is compatible with multiple high-frequency linear probes for hand-held diagnostic breast scanning.
● In a general imaging environment, SOFIA can be paired with any of its dozens* of compatible probes and used as a conventional scan bed.


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