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DRX-Excel Plus

Total Flexibility

Fluoroscopy technology has been optimized specifically for large and mid-size hospitals and medical centers with the CARESTREAM DRX-Excel Plus System. It combines both fluoroscopy and general radiology capabilities in one compact unit. It also delivers accelerated workflow, high-resolution images and a wide range of exams.

A conventional configuration, utilizing film or CR cassettes or our wireless DRX-Detector for radiology and an image intensifier for the fluoroscopy exam, or A dRF configuration, with a single flat-panel digital detector for both RAD and fluoroscopy.


● Extensive SID capability exceeds competitors, acquiring images at any distance between 110 to 180cm
● Table features a 265kg weight capacity with NO limitations on movements +/- 90 degree tilting to enable all exam types
● Table lowers to 48cm (19inches) making it easily accessible for wheelchair patients
● Full system access from every side for easier patient transfer and exam versatility
● Fully motorized, easy-to-use compression for abdominal and other exams
● Control system operation remotely, or right at patient’s side
● Motorized movement of tube and column maximizes speed and convenience
● Offered with either an Image Intensifier* with high resolution CCD camera that maximizes image quality during fluoroscopy or a Flat Panel Detector that offers high image quality for either fluoroscopy or general radiology images
● Auto positioning, as a function of extensive anatomical programs, facilitates faster exam set-up times
● Patient overage of 201cm allows full exploration of even very tall individuals without repositioning
● Relaxing ambient lighting and selectable music maximize patient comfort
● DAP measurements allow tracking of the exact radiation dose received by each patient
● Optional DRX-1 detector offers the power of the X-Factor and allows easy positioning for cross-table and weight-bearing exams
* The Image Intensifier is not an available option on the DRX-Excel Plus in the US and Canada.

High Performance Options

● Four-way table movement for easier patient positioning
● Image stitching station combines multiple images into one for easier reading of spine and lower-limb exams

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