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Compact and affordable computed radiography

CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW Vita XE CR System is designed for small-to-midsize hospitals, clinics and practices that need a compact digital solution at an affordable price. With a throughput speed of 69 plates per hour*, the Vita computed radiography system offers in-house, high-quality digital imaging to fit your workflow. Over 20,000 desktop CR Systems have been sold throughout the world, making Carestream your trusted source for desktop CR.

* Based on standard 28.1 x 35.6 cm. cassettes


Big performers for small facilities.

Vita XE CR System accelerates your workflow with:

● Fast and easy set up in the office or on the road
● An intuitive user interface that minimizes training time
● Default image preferences to simplify selection
● Quick correction of over and under exposures
● A “smart erase” feature that reduces cycle time between scans
● Fewer parts make maintenance a breeze and reduce downtime
● Say goodbye to purchasing film and chemicals.

Customize your Vita XE CR System.

Specially designed hardware and/or software allow for specialized applications:
● Long-Length Imaging
● Military
● Mobile
● Chiropractic and Orthopedic

Long-Length Imaging - Capture and process digital images of longer anatomical regions. Easily handle spinal exams, even those with images too large for a typical 14 x 17 inch screen. A portable caddy with an embedded grid, and a wallstand with grid and beam-attenuation fi¬lters are also available.

Total Quality Tool - Perform objective image tests and quality control measurements. Verify your equipment is functioning within normal operating specifications then export the data to a spreadsheet application for analysis and record keeping

Compact Cart - This cart features a compact design and easy mobility. It meets all medical standards and quality requirements, and accommodates any commonly used PC. Options include flexible configurations including additional cassette and PC holders.

An Imaging Solution With An Impressive Pedigree

Switching from film to digital diagnostic imaging can seem like a big step for a small veterinary practice. Upgrade to digital easily and affordably with CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW XE Vita CR System and CARESTREAM Image Suite V4 Software that gives you high-quality images in just minutes for faster diagnosis of the animals in your care.

● Provides sharp, clear images for more accurate diagnosis.
● Offers image storage on hard drives, CDs or other removable media.

Image Suite software offers a custom-designed veterinary interface loaded with custom veterinary tools to answer your practice’s needs:

● Hip Dysplasia Measurement
● VD Thorax Measurement
● Vertebral Scale Measurement
● Tibial Tuberoses Advancement Measurement
● Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy Measurement
● Laminitis Measurement

This all-in-one software also handles order entry; animal-image acquisition and processing with parameters for species, breeds and body parts; viewing, editing and reporting; printing; and digital archiving.

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