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Create your own high-performance system

For the capabilities you need right now, plus the condence your investment will be protected well into the future. No technology obsolescence, no wasted dollars – it’s a system that’s scaled to grow right along with your needs.

The new DRX-Evolution Plus offers:
● New LED lighting for enhanced functionality and aesthetics
● Greater flexibility with an extended tube column
● High performance Carestream generator
● Optional table to accommodate patients up to 705 lbs
● Forward-looking design to accommodate advanced imaging applications in the future

*Some features are optional purchases


Proven Image Quality
● The wireless, cassette-sized DRX Detector and EVP Plus image-processing software deliver superb image quality.
● Optional EVP Plus Software provides increased latitude and high-contrast image detail.
● Software options accommodate specialties such as pediatrics, orthopedics, and trauma.

● Choose a one-, two- or three-detector option to perform many types of imaging exams, including tabletop and long-length imaging.
● The automated overhead tube is designed for positioning convenience and efficiency.
● Detectors are fixed or wireless.

● Customize a DR solution to ­fits your workflow and budget.
● Add DR systems as your facility expands and grows.
● Designed for advanced future applications.

Increased Productivity
● Images are ready for viewing and manipulation on the console and in seconds.
● One space-saving console controls all medical imaging functions.
● Auto-positioning for fast and accurate setup


DRX Detectors
● DRX-Plus 3543 Detector with gadolinium (GOS) scintillator
● DRX-Plus 3543C Detector with cesium iodide (Csl), with increased DQE and MTF
● DRX 2530C Detector with a smaller format design
● A 17 in. x 17 in. (43 x 43 cm) stationary GOS detector, or a low-dose, cesium (CsI) panel option

Table Options
● Standard table for patients up to 600 lbs. (272 kg)
● High weight capacity for patientsup to 705 lbs. (320 kg.)
● Both feature a four-way floating top
● Table movement initiated through double-tap foot pedals

Motorized Wall Stand
● Vertical Bucky range of motion from the floor up to 71 in. (180 cm)
● Horizontal projections with tilt capability from negative vertical (–20°) to horizontal (90°)
● Optional floor-mounted rail system for lateral stand movement
● Auto tracking and centering align detector with overhead tube
● Broad range of studies – chest, lateral cervical spine, standing knee and more
● Horizontal Bucky positioning for upper extremity and under-the-table studies
● Side-to-side swing angulations for easy cross-table exams on gurneys

Motorized Overhead Tube
● Preprogrammed tube and Bucky positions, generator and collimator settings maximize efficiency
● Auto-positioning and auto-centering for table or wall stand procedures
● Auto-tracking directs tube to follow detector to correct location or move the tube and the detector will follow
● Asymmetric-collimation capability allows top or bottom blade to remain fi­xed while moving the other
● Motor-assist function provides easy manual overhead tube positioning reducing operator fatigue

Non-Motorized Overhead Tube
● Monitor exams accurately with color LCD’s self-righting display of techniques and key data including SID, kVp/mAs, exam type, tube-head angle, active detector, auto-centering and auto-tracking
● Simple collimator controls positioned for easy adjustment
● Automatic collimator option with additional internal ­filtration available

Operator Console
● Flexible user interface, with touch screen control, customized to match clinical workflow
● Supports Automated Procedure Recognition (APR)
● Supports workflow protocols such as DxIOD, IHE Scheduled Workflow, IHE Consistent Presentation of Images and IHE Dose Reporting


Optional Linear Tomography
Bring anatomical structures into focus in a prede­fined plane – then blur or eliminate the details of the structures above and below the plane, to support the efficacy of procedures such as Intravenous Pyelograms (IVPs). Movement control is fully automatic, and switching to perform a tomography exam is fast and easy.

Optional Long-length Imaging
Capture a wide range of vertebral and long-bone images with your patient in an upright or supine position. The system automatically aligns captures and stitches the images.

Transbay Option
A non-motorized overhead tube with the DRX Detector, paired with 39.3 ft (12 m) longitudinal rails, allows for rapid imaging in facilities with multiple trauma-bay con­figurations

Detectors that go and grow with you

At the heart of the DRX Family is the world’s first wireless, cassette-sized detector. It works across all DRX imaging equipment and allows you to share detectors across facilities, wherever they are needed the most.

Setting new standards in efficiency and reliability

The original Carestream DRX detector set a new standard for detector performance. The new DRX Plus detector now delivers greater speed, easier handling and improved reliability.

Carestream’s DRX detectors feature:
● Wireless connectivity to eliminate the hassles and hazards of cables and reduce the risk of infection.
● Instant access to images to speed decisions on patient care.
● Ability to share detectors between any DRX room or any mobile DRX system.
● PA separate battery charger that allows the detector to be used while a spare battery is being charged.

Industry-Leading Performance: Meet Our Family of DRX Detectors

Our portfolio of DR detectors includes wireless, shareable and fixed models to meet your demands based on exam type, detector size, dosage level, and budget. Discover the right detector for your needs at

Experience the X-Factor of Carestream’s approach to DR Systems.

Carestream is changing the DR game and putting you in control of the move to digital. The world’s first cassette-sized wireless detector platform gives you the X-Factor and makes the most of your capital investment. It meets today’s needs and positions you for growth. X-Factor is a better way to care for patients.

● A single detector platform works across a broad portfolio of DRX equipment
● Convert an existing x-ray room or mobile system to digital radiography in a day

● Take a modular approach to your capital investment
● Customize a DR solution that fits your workflow and budget
● Add DR systems as your facility expands and grows

● Get the most out of your DRX investment 24 hours a day, seven days a week
● Share the detector with a mobile imaging unit for morning rounds, a radiology room DR suite in the afternoon and the emergency department at night
● Use a common software platform to speed your exam process

More than 11,000 DRX detectors are helping healthcare facilities around the world unlocked the benefits of wireless DR with the Carestream DRX Family.

X-Factor. Changing the Way You Think About DR.

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