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Hitachi LISENDO 880

Redefining the Vision of Cardiovascular

The LISENDO 880 is Hitachi’s premium 2D and 3D diagnostic ultrasound solution for cardiologists in any clinical setting.

The LISENDO 880 platform is redefining the vision for cardiac ultrasound by providing exceptional clinical performance with state of-the-art analysis and features.

The ultrasound platform features:
● Pure Image to attain remarkable fundamental image quality in cardiology, achieving more reliability during diagnosis and treatment

● Your Application to reach a most sophisticated visualization of the blood flow patterns and its mechanisms as well as an impressive display of 4D cardiac images (with the cardiac 4D option)

● Seamless Workflow, ensuring high user operability by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to significantly improve examination efficiency


Hitachi Healthcare pioneered ultrasound for use by cardiologists and we continue to lead the way with the new 2D and 3D premium ultrasound system, the LISENDO 880.

Recognized for our outstanding image quality & Doppler performance, outstanding system reliability and advanced transducer technology, Hitachi Healthcare remains the standard in the field of ultrasound. Hitachi Healthcare’s commitment and dedication to cardiology allows us to offer a wide range of consoles and specifically designed transducers to meet the needs of every cardiologist.

The LISENDO 880 is redefining the vision for cardiovascular ultrasound.


Our advanced HemoDynamic Analytics (HDA) technologies provide a unique and comprehensive evaluation for your patient's cardiovascular health:

Vector Flow Mapping (VFM) demonstrates flow dynamics in the heart and vessels in a whole new way.
LV eFLOW is a non-invasive imaging feature that lets you see the endocardial border in the left ventricle with higher sensitivity and resolution than ever before.
Dual Gate Doppler displays two separate sample gates allowing measurements from two different locations, during the same cardiac cycle.
2DTT Provides precise quantification of strain and strain rate to visualize, quantify and analyze regional and global myocardial mechanics using 2D speckle tracking.
Eyeball EF calculates a Biplane EF from automatic traces on both apical 2 and 4 chamber images.
eTracking provides multiple parameters necessary for early-stage detection of atherosclerosis.
Wave Intensity is a new hemodynamic index that provides information about the dynamic behavior of the heart and the vascular system and their interactions.

Premium 3D Imaging

The LISENDO 880 offers Bi-Plane Imaging, 3D Zoom, Active 3D, and Wide Angle 3D live imaging to provide a comprehensive set of data for your 3D and 4D Cardiac Evaluation and Analysis...

Hitachi Healthcare’s cardiology systems provide:

● Extraordinary high-resolution digital imaging with single crystal transducers
● Speckle reduction and edge enhancement technologies providing clearly defined images
● Broadband harmonics offering significantly enhanced sensitivity and axial resolution
● Natural Ergonomics design for reduction of muscle loading while scanning


LISENDO 880 Pure Image Technology

The advanced architecture of the LISENDO 880 offers state of the art probe technology for 2D and 3D imaging, a high performance OLED display, premium image optimization parameters such as eFocus and Pure Symphonic Architecture to capture the subtlest of changes and produce exceptional “sound”.

Advanced Probe Technology – The LISENDO 880 introduces new probe technology to provide improved balance between penetration and resolution. The new S121 offers single crystal probe technology.
High Performance Display (OLED) – The new OLED display on the LISENDO 880 displays a higher signal to noise ratio and a higher gradient gray scale than with conventional LED displays, providing exceptional resolution.
Premium Image Optimization Parameters – Parameters like eFocus, NNR, ANR, and HiRez provide detailed optimization control to reduce noise, increase the signal to noise ratio, and improve resolution.
Pure Symphonic Architecture – We developed high performance image processing engine that provides a variable beamformer and an active backend to deliver state-of-the-art image processing.


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