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Xoran VetCAT

Pet-friendly CT Scanner

VetCAT leverages Xoran’s advanced CT scanning technology used in medical clinics for veterinary offices.

Advanced CT scanning technology used in medical clinics is now available in veterinary offices. VetCAT is designed for superior mobility in tight office spaces. The lightweight scanner rolls into position directly behind the patients’s anatomy. Four independent, automatically locking casters make it easy to maneuver.

VetCAT™ is advanced medical technology for veterinarians
VetCAT is simple to use with a PC-based system that acquires scans with a click of a button. The workstation is equipped with an integrated flip-up monitor, custom-built ergonomic keyboard, and mouse. A standard 110V outlet powers the system.

Within seconds, volumetric 3D imaging displays highly detailed images of pet anatomy, including the head and complex bones of the feet and ankles. VetCAT creates superior CT images with slice thickness as low as 0.1 mm.
Easy To Use
● Rolls into any room
● Plugs into a standard wall outlet
● Self - Shielded
● Safe to use while standing at the control panel
● Will run off a battery for one hour
● Laser beam for targeting areas of interest
Instant Scans
● Scans take less than one minute
● Image appears on VetCAT screen
● DICOM to PACS for radiology consultations
● Scans saved to XoranConnect Cloud
Better Treatment
● View anatomy from any angle with precision
● Eliminate surprises and detours in treatment
Cater To Clients
● Same visit VetCAT scan enables faster diagnosis and treatment
● Share CT scans in real time with clients to explain diagnosis and treatment options
● Expedite client’s authorization for corrective procedures
VetCAT provides important details not visible with 2D X-Ray VetCAT 3D rendering of this temporomandibular joint (TMJ) shows significant hypertrophy and loss of function
System Dimensions:  32” W X 47”L X 60”H
Weight: 482 LBS
Gantry Opening Dimensions: 16” X 21.5” X 17”
Gantry Rotation: 360°
Power Supply: 220/120 VAC, 50/60Hz
Display Monitor Specifications
Dimensions: 19”
Pixel Array: 1280 X 1024
Gray Scale Levels: 256
Head Holder Specifications
Material: Carbon Fiber
Radiation Shielding: Self-Shielded
Image Properties
Slice Thickness: 0.1mm Minimum
Reconstruction Time: Less than 60 seconds / 600 Frames
Field Of View (FOV) - Axial: ~14 cm
Field Of View (FOV) - Cross Sectional: ~24cm
Views: MPR / Axial / Coronal / Sagittal / Oblique / 3D
Gray Scale Display: - 1000 to 3074 HU
Display Window: Adjustable Level and Width
Compatibility: DICOM 3.0
Other Specifications
Operating Environment: 50° to 95° Fahrenheit (10° to 35° Celsius) - 45% to 75% Humidity
Mobility: Remains running via battery during movement/relocation
Data Backup: Automatic via XoranConnect

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