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CARESTREAM Focus 35C/43C Detectors

The Budget-Friendly Way to Upgrade to DR Imaging.

Stepping up to full digital X-ray is a tremendous way to speed your workow, increase productivity and support a higher standard of care. But if you’re a smaller hospital or clinic, or a private practice looking to add in-house imaging, the cost of upgrading can be a real barrier.

That’s why Carestream has introduced our highly economical CARESTREAM Focus 35C/43C Detectors, powered by advanced Image Suite Software. They deliver the productivity power of wireless operation and the image quality only DR technology can provide. Best of all, the Focus Detector slides right into your existing analog equipment – protecting your current investment.


Advantages At a Glance

● An affordable way to upgrade to full digital imaging.

● The superb image quality of DR supports greater diagnostic confidence.

● Wireless design boosts workflow.

● Image Suite V4 Software was developed specifically to improve workflow in smaller facilities.

Model Name Focus 35C Focus 43C
Size 35x43 cm 43x43 cm
Weight 3.43 kg/7.56 lbs. 4.68 kg/10.31 lbs.
Battery Life 6.5 hrs 6 hrs
Spatial Resolution 3.3 lp/mm 3.6 lp/mm
Scintillator Csl Csl

Say Goodbye to the Drawbacks of Analog Imaging.

Film and Computed Radiography are both dependable imaging modalities. But the many steps of film processing can really slow you down. Plus, film means working with noxious-smelling chemicals, maintaining a darkroom and the ongoing purchase of consumables. CR imaging is consumable-free, but still requires the extra step of scanning and digitizing each captured image, which slows down your workflow.

Our Focus Detector with Image Suite V4 Software can make all of these problems of the past. It’s the ideal way to tap the power of digital – and it’s budget-friendly, even for private practices and specialty practices such as orthopaedics, chiropractic and veterinary. Additional Focus Detector advantages include:

● 35x43 cm size with Cesium Iodide scintillator for low-dose applications.
● Wireless design also helps minimize the infection risks and trip hazards of cables.
● Beam Detect Mode eliminates cable connection to the generator, alleviating OEM service concerns; image capture begins automatically when the detector senses the X-Ray exposure.

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