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MyLab™ 9 Platform

Beyond Performance and Value

MyLab™9 Platform is the flagship platform in Esaote's Ultrasound portfolio which defines a new standard in image CLARITY, smart WORKFLOW, and solid PERFORMANCE. Esaote’s new ultra-performance MyLab™9 Platform is designed to support a full range of shared service diagnostic imaging environments.

The MyLab™9 eXP and MyLab™9 ultrasound systems provide unprecedented power to drive more confident, better informed healthcare decisions without compromise, at an ultra-value.

MyLab™9 Platform: Beyond Performance and Value

Uncompromised Value

Developed to provide ultra-quality ultrasound technology to clinics, hospitals, and private practices, the MyLab™9 Platform offers smart upgradability, long-term maintenance options and transducer compatibility.
The MyLab™9 Platform delivers unprecedented precision, power and capabilities to drive more confident healthcare decisions at an excellent value-performance in a globally connected environment.


Workflow, Uncompromised Ease-of-Use

easyMode*: unique touch-tool for image optimization through intelligent real-time algorithms
Opti-light: integrated into the monitor to illuminate the room ensuring the best environment for optimal scanning
appleprobe: innovative design which reduces muscolo-skeletal strain up to 70% for better user experience and comfort in clinical practice

Performance without Compromise

Boot-up: the quick boot-up and efficient stand-by mode make the MyLab™9 Platform easy to unplug, and move from room-to-room without missing a beat.
i-motion: technology aimed to ensure the best image quality and the highest frame rate, even in the most challenging imaging modes.


MyLab™9 Platform: Putting the Back in Ultrasound

The MyLab™9 Platform is a state-of-the-art platform with a solid-state hard disk (SSD), last generation CPU/GPU unit, and Windows® 10 supporting the latest data security and processing power requirements. The quick boot-up and efficient stand-by mode make the MyLab™9 Platform easy to unplug, and move from room-to-room without missing a beat.


Education: On-board Application-Specific Libraries

MyLibrary is an innovative application dedicated tool integrated in the MyLab™ systems for users’ reference, which includes anatomical atlas and “How to do” reference images.
Education is a very sensitive and important subject, especially in those applications where ultrasound has been more recently acquired as technology to support the procedures. Esaote understands this necessity and is convinced that educational support has to be easy and fast for any user.
To satisfy the operator’s needs the MyLibrary has been integrated in the MyLab™ systems, so users can instantly and easily have access to a fast, thorough and application-specific educational environment.


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