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MyLab™ One

Designed Around You

The MyLab™One is a revolutionary high performance arm-held ultrasound scanner with a 12" full touch-screen display. Due to its lightness and portability, it can be used even without a worktop, in complete autonomy by a single operator.
The MyLab™One ultrasound system reflects perfectly today's need for diagnostic capabilities in many different fields of application: Radiology, Cardiology, Phlebology, Womens' Healthcare, Orthopaedics, Regional Anaesthesia, Sports Medicine, Interventional, Rheumatology, First-aid, Emergency, Vascular screening, General Practice.

Intuitive: User Interface Fully Operator-Oriented

The new portable ultrasound MyLab™Gamma is an extremely mobile system that can be easily shared between different departments within a clinic or hospital and can also be brought on-site without any problem.

● Easy
● Dedicated
● Full Touch Screen Technology
● Large Ultrasound Image
● Preset Driven
● Focus Touch Technology

The intuitive touch screen provides the user with quick and easy access to all controls. Add impressive image quality and a compact design to make MyLab™One the most dedicated and focused solution for Point-of-Care ultrasound.


Designed To Bring Ultrasound At The Point-of-Care With High Confidence In Diagnosis

The MyLab™One is your portable solution. Securing the ultrasound device to your arm provides a comfortable and stable setting that can face even the most critical working conditions. MyLab™One has no limits in the use for generic and specific applications: its main characteristics allow the system to be placed in any environment, always providing easy, fast and reliable access to diagnosis.


Education: On-board Application-Specific Libraries

MyLibrary is an innovative application dedicated tool integrated in the MyLab™One for users’ reference, which includes anatomical atlas and “How to do” reference images. Education is a very sensitive and important subject, especially in those applications where ultrasound as been more recently acquired as technology to support the procedures. Esaote understands this necessity and is convinced that educational support has to be easy and fast for any user. To satisfy the operator’s needs the MyLibrary has been integrated in the MyLab™One, so users can instantly and easily have access to a fast, thorough and application specific educational environment.


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