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eVue a PACS Product Of Efferent Health®


Efferent Health’s eVue is a hybrid, cloud-based approach built to satisfy more than viewing accessibility and storage logistic needs.

● No Servers
● No Software
● View on Any Device (BYOD)
● EHR Integration
● HIPAA Secure
● Images in Seconds

A hybrid PACS system, that allows for secure, scalable storage and deployment of medical images, either as standalone or integrated with other medical systems.

Image files are kept in redundant repositories residing on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and thus accessible to credentialed users via a dynamic, sophisticated viewer accessible by any Web browser at any time and any place.

To complete the hybrid design, eVue comes with a minimal setup and low maintenance local network appliance, the SmartLink. This appliance seamlessly acquires images from medical image digital devices, caches the files for immediate and near term use and sends the files to the cloud repository designated for the individual medical practice, clinic, imaging center or hospital.

Efferent Health’s Vue Is A Hybrid, Cloud And Site Based Approach, Built To Satisfy More Than Viewing Accessibility And Storage Needs.

● Dedicated Onsite PACS
● HyBride Solution Consisting Of Both OnSite & Cloud PACS
● Multiple Site Connectivity
● Unlimited Storage
● View On Any Device
● EHR Integration
● HIPAA Secure
● Images In Seconds
● Built-in Disaster Recovery
● Unlimited Concurrent Users

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